Huaqiangbei, or HuaQiangBei, or Huaqiang Bei, or Hua Qiang Bei is a name of a road in the central area of Shenzhen city, it is also an important commerical area of Shenzhen. There are so many electronics markets in Shenzhen, including consumer electronics, such as cell phones, cameras, tablets, laptops, and etc., components such as capacitors, resistances, connectors, screws, swithes, and etc..

In Hua Qiang Bei, there are a half million people go in and out per day, so when you get there, what you see will be electronics products people, and you’d better take care of your belongs.


Where is Huaqiangbei?

Let me show you where Huaqiangbei is on a map of Shenzhen.

Where Huaqiangbei is located